Tradie told to “harden up” awarded $20k in damages

A young kiwi tradie has been awarded NZ$20,000 after he was allegedly told to “harden up” and subsequently fired. Jack Lane was working for a roofing company in Palmerston North when he advised them he needed a day off due…

0 Comments / 6799 View / October 11, 2019

Hilux v Triton

Triton takes down the Hilux

The Hilux was dominant for years until the Ranger gave it a run for its money, and now the fresh-faced Triton is muscling in! According to the September 2019 VFACTS report for 4×4 vehicles, the Mitsubishi Triton outsold the Toyota…

1 Comment / 4400 View / October 9, 2019

Top 20 – May to August 2019

We’ve been pretty slack with our top 10 galleries over the last few months, but we’re back! Rather than create separate lists for the months we’ve missed, we’ve put together a big top 20 that covers May to August. As…

0 Comments / 2413 View / September 19, 2019

Tradie gets junk caught in belt sander

An 18 year old tradie from Sydney has been rushed to hospital after a nasty accident with a belt sander. His pants were caught in the belt sander, resulting in lacerations to his genitals. Ambulance crews attended the scene in…

0 Comments / 6715 View / September 7, 2019

Tradie Mayhem Stickers

Tradie Mayhem is now Tradie Daily

We’ve been thinking about moving away from the “Tradie Mayhem” name for a few months now. We love the name and so do our followers, but we always felt it restricted us a little in terms of the types of…

0 Comments / 30 View / August 27, 2019

Home building to fall 20%

The Housing Industry Association is predicting that new home building will fall by around 20% from it’s recent peak. If you’re working in the building industry, and especially if you’re working mainly on new builds, this is pretty scary news….

0 Comments / 867 View / August 27, 2019

Tradie Wins $5m – Instantly Quits Job!

A Queensland tradie has won $5.1 million whist playing Keno and done exactly what you’d expect. “I think I might retire now, thank you very much. I’m not going to work tomorrow.” he laughed. The middle-aged tradie had the big…

0 Comments / 8080 View / May 28, 2019

Tradie Mayhem Top 10 April 2019

Top 10 – April 2019

We had some cracking posts in April! Overall for the month our content received over 48k comments, 23k reactions and 2k shares. Below we’ve listed the top 10 sorted by the number of reactions, counting down to number one. 10…

0 Comments / 3777 View / May 13, 2019

Tradie Mayhem Top 10 March 2019

Top 10 – March 2019

March 2019 was a pretty quiet month for the page. We have a few highlights, but many of our most-liked posts for the month were actually recycled posts from previous years… So you might see a few familiar photos in…

0 Comments / 2685 View / May 13, 2019

Top 10 – Jan to Feb 2019

Here’s our first Top Ten for 2019. The most liked, commented on and shared photos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page for January and February 2019. 10 Friday arvo job… 🤣🤣 Thanks Jayden! Top Comment: “Blokes on the gatorade saxophone at smoko…

0 Comments / 4099 View / March 28, 2019

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