Sparky-tax behind million-dollar Holden ute

Over the last 12 months there has been talk of the “COVID-tax” in used cars, and especially collectable cars. It’s a way of explaining why the values of classic and collectable cars have skyrocketed during the Coronavirus pandemic. The likely…

0 Comments / 1539 View / January 11, 2021

V8 Ford Ranger Raptor

V8 Ranger Raptor is coming!

What’s the one thing that Australia lacks when it comes to standard sized dual cab utes? A big V8 engine! It’s being reported that this is about to change however, with Ford set to introduce a V8 version of the…

0 Comments / 3693 View / January 6, 2020

Melbourne Cup $800k Winner

Chippie wins $800k on the Cup after being dumped

A carpenter from Melbourne has turned a $10 bet into $793,000, moments after being dumped by his date! The lucky punter, Kenny Morgan, was on a date with an old high school friend at Crown Casino during the Melbourne Cup….

0 Comments / 3985 View / November 8, 2019

V8 Superutes

Superutes switch to V8s!

Australian Superutes series to switch from diesel to petrol V8 power in 2020. Last year saw the crowd-favourite Holden and Falcon V8 utes replaced with diesel-powered dual cabs, dubbed the “Superutes”. The Aussie V8 utes were replaced with tradie favourites…

0 Comments / 667 View / October 29, 2019

Cash money

Tradie wins $50m and walks off the job

Most tradies checking their phones on the worksite are just having a cheeky bludge. But a lucky Sydney tradie had a slightly different experience… Checking the lotto numbers on his mobile whilst at work, he realised that he’d matched all…

0 Comments / 6698 View / October 18, 2019

Tradie told to “harden up” awarded $20k in damages

A young kiwi tradie has been awarded NZ$20,000 after he was allegedly told to “harden up” and subsequently fired. Jack Lane was working for a roofing company in Palmerston North when he advised them he needed a day off due…

1 Comment / 7701 View / October 11, 2019

Hilux v Triton

Triton takes down the Hilux

The Hilux was dominant for years until the Ranger gave it a run for its money, and now the fresh-faced Triton is muscling in! According to the September 2019 VFACTS report for 4×4 vehicles, the Mitsubishi Triton outsold the Toyota…

1 Comment / 5376 View / October 9, 2019

Top 20 – May to August 2019

We’ve been pretty slack with our top 10 galleries over the last few months, but we’re back! Rather than create separate lists for the months we’ve missed, we’ve put together a big top 20 that covers May to August. As…

0 Comments / 4188 View / September 19, 2019

Tradie gets junk caught in belt sander

An 18 year old tradie from Sydney has been rushed to hospital after a nasty accident with a belt sander. His pants were caught in the belt sander, resulting in lacerations to his genitals. Ambulance crews attended the scene in…

0 Comments / 7042 View / September 7, 2019

Tradie Mayhem Stickers

Tradie Mayhem is now Tradie Daily

We’ve been thinking about moving away from the “Tradie Mayhem” name for a few months now. We love the name and so do our followers, but we always felt it restricted us a little in terms of the types of…

0 Comments / 159 View / August 27, 2019

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