Over the weekend we hit 200,000 likes!

It’s taken us just over two years to get to this point, with our first post being 21 May 2015.

During this time we’ve posted 1,089 photos and 84 videos.

Our reach has generally been over 1,000,000 (and often over 2,000,000) every week.

Our most popular video had a massive 2.3 million views on Facebook!

Although we rely on submissions for the vast majority of our content, it does take many, many hours to curate and share it.

We do make a few dollars in return for all this time.

We’ve sold over 1,000 of our tradie stickers over the last 12 months.

There have also been a few sponsored posts we’ve done for other companies, although these are very few and far between.

We now believe we have the largest social media network of tradies in Australia. There are a few others that come close, but none with over 200,000 fans primarily from Australia.

If you’d like to reach a potential audience of 200,000 Aussie tradies in a cost effective way, get in touch with us via the Facebook page.

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