Bentley targets cashed up tradies

It’s time to cancel your 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrack or Raptor order. There’s a new king in town.

Management at Bentley Motors have been working on ways to cash in on the building and renovation boom in Australia.

Whilst many builders and electricians already have a Bentley as their weekend transport, the company wanted a greater “share of garage” and will be targeting the ute segment in Australia.

Bentley and Ford Ranger Ute
A common pairing for Australian electricians

Thomas Winstanley, the newly appointed head of commercial vehicles at Bentley, confirmed that electricians in particular were keen on a new premium utility offering:

“Our research indicated that some trades, especially electricians, wanted to differentiate themselves from the lesser trades who were also driving Wildtraks and Raptors.

“Whilst many of our electrician clients already own a Bentley as their weekend transport, they want a vehicle that can demonstrate their superiority on the worksite as well.”

The Bentley Ute has been made possible due to the fact that the next generation VW Amarok will use the same platform as the new Ranger. With Bentley being part of the VW family, it was a no-brainer.

Details of the new Bentley are scarce at the moment, however one promotional image has been released.

The ute features the familiar Bentley face, whilst everything from the front doors back is more familiar to the 2023 Ranger upon which it is based.

Bentley Ute

Although a Bentley ute would be quite a laugh, sadly this is just a hypothetical rendering put together by theottle and featured on Auto Evolution.

If you were getting excited about placing an order at your local Bentley dealer, we’re sorry to disappoint you!

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3 thoughts on “Bentley targets cashed up tradies

  • Ha ha, as an ex sparkie I think you have confused plumbers for electricians. Maybe this prank article was sourced from the UK where electricians are supposedly up there with lawyers on the income scale?

  • Sakhile Mhayise

    Let’s say this design goes to production how are they gonna avoid the mistake that Mercedes Benz did on the X Class by making a Navara that was not practical and way expensive


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