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V8 Ford Ranger Raptor

V8 Ranger Raptor is coming!

What’s the one thing that Australia lacks when it comes to standard sized dual cab utes? A big V8 engine! It’s being reported that this is about to change however, with Ford set to introduce a V8 version of the…

0 Comments / 3699 View / January 6, 2020

V8 Superutes

Superutes switch to V8s!

Australian Superutes series to switch from diesel to petrol V8 power in 2020. Last year saw the crowd-favourite Holden and Falcon V8 utes replaced with diesel-powered dual cabs, dubbed the “Superutes”. The Aussie V8 utes were replaced with tradie favourites…

0 Comments / 675 View / October 29, 2019

Hennessey VelociRaptor

$400k monster ute

Turbo diesel Ford Ranger not good enough for you? Time to step up to the US$295,000 ($387,000)  Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6! This monster starts life as a Ford F150 Raptor and is modified by Hennessey with an extra axle and set of…

0 Comments / 255 View / September 4, 2017