Chippie wins $800k on the Cup after being dumped

A carpenter from Melbourne has turned a $10 bet into $793,000, moments after being dumped by his date!

The lucky punter, Kenny Morgan, was on a date with an old high school friend at Crown Casino during the Melbourne Cup.

Things weren’t going too well with his date, and after some confusion with the top four finishers and the protest, he didn’t think his bet had done well either.

But things changed, as he explained on SEN Breakfast radio yesterday.

“I was completely oblivious. The girl I was out with said, ‘Did you win?’ and I said, ‘Oh, I put those horses, but I don’t know, I’ll check later’

“I had another couple of drinks … and she pretty much told me, ‘Listen, I don’t really feel it. You know, this isn’t going to go anywhere. I want to get the five o’clock train’ and I said, ‘Ah well, no worries, thanks for being honest’.

“I thought at least the day’s not over, I’ll open up the Sportsbet account, because there’s still a couple of races to go in the Majors. I open up the account and I suddenly started screaming.

“I’m seeing all these numbers mate and I’m like speechless, I’m gasping. I’m like, ‘Oh my effing god, oh my god’ and everyone at the restaurant is looking at me like, ‘What’s wrong with this clown?’”

His date wasn’t too impressed by all the carry on, but things changed pretty quickly once she realised what had happened.

“She said, ‘Sit down, what are you doing, you’re embarrassing me’ and I’ve gone, ‘Can you just look at this for me?’ and then she started screaming.

“The five o’clock train turned into a seven o’clock train. She kept going to the bar and getting more drinks.

“I paid for lunch, I paid for all the drinks. We had a bit of a laugh about it. She was ringing her girlfriends, she was ringing her old man as well.”

Despite the big win, Kenny won’t be dropping the tools and giving up carpentry any time soon.

“I’m going to keep my job and I’m going to go back to work. I’m going to buy a house on the Gold Coast and happy days.”

Nice one Kenny.

Melbourne Cup $800k Winner

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