Millions of dollars worth of insurance work coming to tradies

There’s no question that the recent flooding in Queensland and New South Wales has been devastating.

But if there has to be a bright side to Tropical Cyclone Debbie, it’s the millions of dollars worth of insurance work that is coming the way of tradies over the coming months.

Cyclone Debbie Flooding

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) is encouraging tradies to register their interest in flood rebuilding work with the following:

Rob Whelan, head of the ICA, had this to say to tradies:

“Insurers recognise local workers who participate in the reconstruction response provide a vital economic boost in communities that have taken a severe financial hit from this catastrophe,”

“In the aftermath of disasters, insurers’ first priority is to their policyholders, and making sure repairs and rebuilding work are done to the highest standard in the shortest possible time.

“For this reason, many insurers have strategic arrangements with building companies, suppliers and project managers to undertake repairs and building works. These companies often sub-contract work to local builders and tradespeople if they are qualified, reputable, price competitive and have capacity. Some insurers also have a policy to use local firms where possible.”

Virtually all construction trades are going to be required for upcoming flood repair work.

Electricians will probably come first with all the make-safes. Following that there’ll be plenty of work for plumbers, carpenters, plasterers and painters, with electricians coming back into the picture too.

So if you’re keen on some consistent work over the next few months (probably a lot longer) get in touch with the groups listed above and register for some flood repair work.

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