Top 10 – April 2017

Here are our top 10 most liked photos and videos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during April. Thanks to everyone who submitted content! 10. “No racks, no problem.”  Thanks Sam! Top comment: “if its stupid but it works then it…

2 Comments / 316 View / May 4, 2017

Cyclone Debbie Flooding

Millions of dollars worth of insurance work coming to tradies

There’s no question that the recent flooding in Queensland and New South Wales has been devastating. But if there has to be a bright side to Tropical Cyclone Debbie, it’s the millions of dollars worth of insurance work that is…

0 Comments / 36 View / April 7, 2017

Top 10 – March 2017

We call this our top 10, but there are just so many great photos and videos we’ve extended it to the top 15! These are the most liked posts from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during March 2017. Big thanks…

0 Comments / 1291 View / April 5, 2017

Trade Risk $100 prize

The champions at tradies insurance provider Trade Risk are offering $100 to the most liked photo AND video each month. Here’s how it works… At the start of each month we produce a list of the top 15 photos and videos…

0 Comments / 11 View / March 24, 2017

Log splitter finger loss

“Wasn’t on a trade site but lost it to a log splitter in 2012. full mobility now” Thanks Luke! Photos of the reattached finger are also below.  Amazing what the surgeons can do! Stay safe out there when working with…

3 Comments / 246 View / March 16, 2017

House Building

Building activity on the rise

Good news for builders and subbies, with building and engineering construction rising for the first time in five months. The Ai Group and Housing Industry Association Performance of Construction Index (PCI) rose to 53 points in February, up from 47 points…

0 Comments / 36 View / March 7, 2017

Tradie Mayhem Top 15 - February 2017

Top 15 – February 2017

Here are our most liked photos and videos from February 2017. The list is based on the number of likes, counting down to our best of the month! 15. “Plasterers just put this in. Safety first lads ” ⚡⚡ Thanks…

0 Comments / 381 View / March 6, 2017

Shin through the foot

“Grader tandem fell on the old boy’s leg believe it or not it didn’t land on his foot, it got him in the thigh and basically pushed his own shin bone down and crushed his own foot with his shin…

0 Comments / 153 View / March 5, 2017

Horrific cutting disc injury

This would have to be the worst grinder or cutting disc injury we’ve had sent in. Thanks to Steven for the pic.  Unfortunately we don’t know any further details at this stage. It sure shows how badly things can go…

6 Comments / 15414 View / March 3, 2017

Grinding blade to the neck

This one is pretty horrid, but could have been so much worse. Just shows how seriously shit can go wrong when using grinders.  Stay safe! Thanks to Tom for the pic.  The pic is not of Tom… GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW……

3 Comments / 233 View / March 2, 2017

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