Sparky-tax behind million-dollar Holden ute

Over the last 12 months there has been talk of the “COVID-tax” in used cars, and especially collectable cars.

It’s a way of explaining why the values of classic and collectable cars have skyrocketed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The likely reasoning is the large amount of stimulus money floating about, along with the inability to spend on luxuries such as overseas holidays.

A popular destination for all this money seems to be collectable cars, which is seeing values increase rapidly along with the use of the term COVID-tax.

But is that the only reason behind a Holden ute which is poised to sell for one million dollars at the end of this month?

HSV Maloo W1 auction

We believe that it’s not just COVID-tax, but also sparky-tax.

What is sparky-tax? It’s the result of sparkies earning so much coin that the value of assets they desire are increasing due to supply and demand.

Good luck to all the electricians bidding on this fine example of Australian automotive history. It’s going to look awesome in a full wrap with your company logo for the world to see!

There is plenty of room for your tools under the hard lid:

Personally we’d go for this 6-wheeler AU. It’s a relative bargain at just $9k, and is already running on gas!

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