Stolen Content

Call us whingers or whatever you want, but it’s time to have a little rant…

Pricks who think it’s okay to steal content and post it as their own.

We created this piece of content earlier this year, and it blew up on Facebook with over 10,000 comments and nearly 1,000 shares.

Sure it’s not the Mona Lisa, but we put effort into creating it.

Now another tradie page has decided to crop our name out and post it as their own. We commented on the post, received a fair bit of support, but of course the admin for that page deleted our comment shortly after.

We’re happy for other pages to share our content, but cropping out our name or trying to remove watermarks is pretty dodgy. They’re actually putting time into editing the content to make it look like their own.

It’s bloody pathetic. Honestly…

These guys are serial offenders too. Go through their page and you’ll find plenty of content stolen from our page, as well as another huge well known page from the UK.

We’re not going to name them though. Why send them anymore traffic or fans when they’re just content thieves?

Yeah sure it’s a first world problem, but we have every right to have a cry about it!

Thanks for supporting the page.

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