Top 10 – April 2017

Here are our top 10 most liked photos and videos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during April.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content!


“No racks, no problem.” Thanks Sam!

Top comment: “if its stupid but it works then it aint stupid”

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“The owner must have wanted access to the manhole via their kitchen!” Thanks Travis!

Top comment: “Never mind that, what the fuck is going on with that eyesore in the background”

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“Let the 3rd year have a go with the oxy. Absolutely hopeless” Thanks Anthony!

Top comment: “well he’s only as good as his teacher ya Muppet ,try teaching the apprentice something instead of using him for your personal run around bitch”

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“This is what happens when you park in a construction zone” Thanks Ahmed!

Top comment: “Isnt that the apprentice sparkys work car??”

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“Young ducting apprentice has his priorities set!” Thanks Adrian!

Top comment: “That apprentice is going places!”

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Safety first! Thanks Matthew!

Top comment: “Now they know which breaker to turn off, notice how they were saving the new gloves for that important occasion!”

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“Had a little power box/ boundary fence issue today” Thanks Daniel!

Top comment: “Whoever put the meter box there is at fault, (builder or sparky). Not the fence contractor’s fault. The meter box had to have gone around the front or the opposite side of the house. Care factor ZERO!”

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“Job got plastered, fix done and kitchen in before anyone realised that the lock up hadn’t been done. All but 2 walls in the house have 20mm+ humps in them.” Thanks Dion!

Top comment: “Quality terminology, Quality timber merchant, Quality tradesmen smoking inside a plastered job. Quality project.”

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Tradies Insurance


Electricians… Thanks Michael!

Top comment: “Pricks seem to think that writing “sorry” makes it all better. Guess what, you can’t pay bills with a sorry. At least offer a poor bloke who has to spend his time and money fixing it a case of piss at Christmas or something.”

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“6m lengths ????????” Thanks Antoinette!

Top comment: “put a flag on it”

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Thanks again to everyone who submitted their photos and videos to the page!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 – April 2017

  • I see hi pages has a link to your page that bussiness does nothing but piss tradies off

    • Really? That’s funny! We have no connection to them, but yeah have heard they are very unpopular with a lot of tradies. Lots of complaints.


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