Top 10 – April 2019

We had some cracking posts in April!

Overall for the month our content received over 48k comments, 23k reactions and 2k shares.

Below we’ve listed the top 10 sorted by the number of reactions, counting down to number one.


“Interesting one I just came across. Nothing like a light switch in a downpipe. Highly recommend this sparky ????” Thanks Luke!

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Straight? ???? Thanks Josh!

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“Bricklayer toolbox got caught by Safety Officer” ???????? Thanks Luis!

Top comment: “Best one i head was brickie use to have a coke can wrapped around his vb used a lacky band to hold it on”

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Nah it’s meant to look like that… ???????? Thanks Scott!

Top comment: “Ill never understand how people look at that a say im done and it looks good haha”

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“We were called in to fix and finish what some ice heads started and f***ked up. They were building to a cheap quote for lockup stage. The lady even gave them the money though it wasn’t close to lock up just so they would leave without problems as they were getting aggressive when she started noticing and questioning what they were doing. Ended up costing her a hell of a lot more. These are some of the worst photos but there are a lot of other things they did. Anyway i thought you might enjoy the photos.” ???????? Thanks Mitch!

Top comment: “fucked if I know why a chippy by law shouldn’t be required to certify the job, plumbers, electricians do but not the chippy. It’s only the whole fucking structure, that’ll get rid of the handyman trying to build houses lmao”

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“4 years to do an apprenticeship and can’t even take off stickers and even fucking masking tape ????????????” Thanks Jayke!

Top comment: “Me being a born and bred tradie since the age of 16…. reading all theses messages of all the blokes being In the same industry… meaning… we are all linked in one way or another… we all play a part in a hand over of a job…. and all you can do is disrespect each other…. no wonder tradies have always been looked Down upon…. take pride and ownership fellas and have each other’s back!!!. No one else does!!”

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“Came across this today, done by the homeowner so they had a mixer type setup…… genius or not? The guy was a retired surgeon” ???????? Thanks Geoff!

Top comment: “This is what happens when the retired surgeon, first gets a quote, then realises the plumber charges more than he did.”

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“I was working at this a ladies house when I was shown the deck and pergola a handy man had charged her cash for. Absolute death trap! She’s an elderly lady who lives there with her 40yr old disabled son and the top riser on the stairs was 305mm. he had 1 fix out nail holding down the decking and the roof was going to take flight any second. Let alone the H2 handrail that was just a top rail only with a 1.5m drop. I called out the scum bag on fb when I saw him advertising. He threatened find and deal with me and a mate of mine for calling him out as a scum bag.” ???????? Thanks Sean!

Top comment: “To all those saying the customer shouldn’t go for the cheapest price: an elderly lady with a disabled adult son is probably doing it tough and has no choice but to go for the lowest price. Older people also tend to be a bit too inclined to trust people too. Just don’t know how the crook who did this work can sleep at night. ????

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“Typical electrician, wanting to be a carpenter” ????????Thanks Dylan!

Top comment: “I’d rather have a sparky trying to be a chippy than the other way around.”

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“Had a lady call me about a quick cash job saying “my handyman taped and said it just needs to be topped out “” ???????????? Thanks Brendan!

Top comment: “Did he tape it in with a bobcat?”

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Thanks to all the deadset legends who submitted content this month!

Tradie Mayhem Top 10 April 2019

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