Top 10 – June 2017

Here are our top 10 most liked photos and videos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during June 2017.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content!

We also hit 200,000 likes this month. Massive achievement! Thanks to everyone who has supported the page.


“Renderers will fix it… Thanks Ray!

Top comment: “I bet the fence line was basically sitting against the wall!!! Seen it all before, they brick it from the inside!!”

Original post.


“Apparently the owner refused to pay an extra in the contract to have this garage access door, so the builder told the brickies to wall it all in” Thanks Wayne!

Top comment: “Not sure there are enough side Jamb studs. Only 14 ? fail”

Original post.


After paint, plaster & tiles, you’ll hardly notice… Thanks Connor!

Top comment: “Could this be temporary and hooked into the floor waste so people can use the sink?”

Original post.


“Air conditioning guy decided it’d be a good idea to connect the A/C run off to a charged line downpipe. She’s a beauty, handover was in 2 hours” Thanks Rohan!

Top comment: “100% a sparky done this”

Original post.


Tradies Insurance


When the scaff becomes permanent… Thanks Jut!

Top comment: “Full concrete truck arrives.. Scaff probably wasn’t down in time. What else you guna do, send the concrete truck away?? Or come back with a grinder later, chop the scaff off and grout over the stubs. Easy decision.”

Original post.


“The owner said the roof was replaced not long ago” Friday arvo job…? Thanks Brock!

Top comment: “Looks like he tried to piss in a straight line then followed it with the screws.”

Original post.


When people ask why your Hilux needs so much lift… Thanks Luke!

Top comment: “Probably one of those 1.2 Million homes in the Burbs. Why, Every day coming home you would be thinking, Why the Fek did I even go to work today to pay this shitbox off.”

Original post.


“Definitely not the right rig for the job!” Thanks Tradie Rigs!

Top comment: “Give him $500 and it’s yours on air bags ,lowered, rims mad camber kit in the arse end this has your name all over it what you reckon?”

Original post.


Know anyone like Laeyton? Thanks Michael!

Top comment: “Next reply would be. Found my boots but wouldnt believe it. They have no laces in them………few hours later replies with oh nevermind they’re slip on boots

Worthy mention: “G’day mick, gunna be late today all the big spoons were in the dish washer so I had to eat my fruitloops with a teaspoon this morning haha . Sorry laeyton”

Original post.


Who needs a ute/van? Thanks Klaus!

Top comment: “who needs a ute / van ?….this guy. This is suicidal in an emergency situation. i’ll just mention also these “small, reasonably priced” cars are a piece of piss to beak into, & everything is on display.”

Original post.

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Worthy mention must also go to this gem we posted on the Queens Birthday holiday.

It’s not included in the top 10 as it’s not our own content, but shit it’s funny and it actually had THE highest number of likes for the month of June!


Thanks to all the champions who sent in their content recently! To submit yours please message us via our Facebook page.

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