Top 10 – October 2017

Here are our top 10 most liked photos and videos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during October 2017.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content!


“And it’s sprinkling” Thanks Ben! What do you all think? Just getting it done, or risking a broken neck?

Top comment: “Getting it done. No-one would pay the quoted price if he included scaffold etc. Everyone craps on about safety but no-one wants to open their wallet to pay for it.”

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“Steel rod across doorway? Great idea…” Thanks Ashley!

Top comment: “The cable bracing is for temporary stability of the ports frames until the concrete panels are installed, once the panels are in the cable bracing becomes redundant.”

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Thanks Jason!

Top comment: “Part of me wants to say it’ll be right it’s just a phone and insulated LV but the other part knows there will be some way or another that a fuckwit will manage to kill themselves on it lol”

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Stunning… Thanks Sam!

Top comment: “Nothing new. Its the todays standards of houses. But god forbid theres a minor painting defect. Hell will break loose

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Thanks Nathan!

Top comment: “A fuck head with a mixer on the roof

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“Labourer said something is wrong with the mixer ” Thanks Beau!

Top comment: “Didn’t you tell him it’s just like a excavator. Can only turn so many times in one direction before it unscrews itself. Really gotta keep an eye on the screw gauge to prevent this happening.”

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Tag a thinker. Thanks Mark!

Top comment: “Wouldn’t be a sparkie’s idea anyway….”

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Couple of well placed shrubs and you won’t even notice them… Thanks Thomas!

Top comment: “Maybe plastic shrubs…look at that sand is it built on a fuckin beach?”

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Tradies Insurance


Thanks Ryan!

Top comment: “probably a joiner trying to back his car into the kitchen so he doesn’t have to walk too far.

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“No worries mr tiler I didn’t want to open that draw anyway it’s just there for aesthetics Thanks Luke!

Top comment: “Who the fuck doesn’t put a filler there anyway. Gotta be a flatpack mob of some sort that’s pathetic.”

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Thanks to all the legends who sent in their content recently! To submit yours please message us via our Facebook page.

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