Top 15 – May 2018

May was a cracking month for Tradie Mayhem. We posted 53 times and received a shed load of love back! Over 39k reactions, 32k comments and 6k shares.

Below are the top 15 photos and videos from the page, ordered by number of likes.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content!


Not how you want to start a Friday! Thanks Nick!

Top comment: “Sparky gets to ream the plumber for a change”

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Safe as houses… Thanks Justin!

Top comment: “Better take out the batteries of the smoke alarms. They are going to be very annoying.”

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“Gyprocker sheeted and set temporary prop in garage lol” Thanks Danny!

Top comment: “I’m guessing like every other tradie that rocks up to a job and they say yer mate it’s all ready to go. But it wasn’t ready so they continued to do there job. Speaking as I am a plasterer”

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When you take the product name a little too literally… Thanks Andrew!

Top comment: “Me and me brother couldnt believe it when we pulled back the rug that was hiding it lmao”

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Top work boys! ???????? Thanks Yianni!

Top comment: “I like how the guy not throwing sheets above his head has a hard hat haha”

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Tag a bloke who lives by this mantra!

This is actually a sticker from our own store, but with over 1,000 likes it made our top ten for the month. Click here to buy online for just $4.50 with free shipping to selected countries.

Try your best - caulk the rest. Sticker.

Top comment: ““I tried my hardest, did my best, no more gaps will do the rest”

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So convenient… Thanks Theo!

Top comment: “If you look You will see a door next to the taps . I think it is a top idea.”

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“Some muppet decided to plough their Camry into our crossover ” Thanks Nick!

Top comment: “Some muppet forgot to put barricades up more like it.”

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Compilation of our best tradie videos!

This was our own compilation of the top 20 most liked videos to be posted to the page. It’s a cracker!

Top comment: “we’ve all been there”

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“Builder’s a massive tight ass ” Thanks Kane!

Top comment: “I’d be more worried about the chippys firing the paslode at it while your trying to give birth in there”

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Tradies Insurance


Looks fine from my place… Thanks Logan!

Top comment: “That’s what happens when you use a straight edge instead of a string line call it a learning curve…. Get it??

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“2 million buys you a deck held up in buckets” Thanks Jason!

These pictures looked hilarious at first and gathered thousands of likes and comments, but the truth is probably more in line with Josh’s comment below.

Top comment: “They will have cut the bottom out of the buckets to build the concrete up to the same level as the rest, usually the bucket will get cut off later, post holes will still be 600mm deep or something.”

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Can’t go wrong with safety thongs! Thanks Jake!

Top comment: “Looks like his got the saftey squints on too”

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Too funny! Thanks George!

Top comment: “This work Looks better than some licensed chippies that are out there and have been featured on this page”

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“This was a qualified plumber who runs his own business His comments to me were “I couldn’t be fucked doing a floor chase”” Thanks anon!

Top comment: “Luckily they used structural gyprock hey”

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Thanks to all the legends who sent in their content recently! To submit yours please message us via our Facebook page.

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