Top 20 – May to August 2019

We’ve been pretty slack with our top 10 galleries over the last few months, but we’re back!

Rather than create separate lists for the months we’ve missed, we’ve put together a big top 20 that covers May to August. As always there is some cracking stuff in there!

So here it is, the top 20 sorted by the number of reactions, counting down to number one. Enjoy!


Definitely a Friday arvo job. ???? Thanks Rhys!

Top Comment: “The screw line reminds me of how your teeth will look if you ever tag me in this shit again”

Original post


Tag the landscaper… ???????????? Thanks Claudia!

Top Comment: “get a sprinkler on that team we’re done for the day”

Original post


“Anyone else see anything wrong with this deck?” ???????? Thanks Matt!

Top Comment: “Going by the shadow, it’s late in the afternoon so he should have been drinking instead of working ?”

Original post


Customer: “Can we get the light switch just next to the door?” ???????? Thanks Matt!

Top Comment: “Foreman: it’s going to cost heaps to dispose of all these off cuts! Apprentice: I got this!”

Original post


I can’t even… ???????????? Thanks Daniel!

Top Comment: “I got 10 quotes and and went with cheapest! Saved thousands!!”

Original post


Thanks Bradley! ???????? 

Top Comment: “I just want to know how the fuck the plumber and electrician got on well enough to pull this off.”

Original post


“Standard Friday for a Painter” ???????? Thanks Joel!

Top Comment: “Friday? Thats 7am Monday morning!!”

Original post


???? ???? Thanks Simon!

Top Comment: ” Can say I once did this but with a smaller blade as I didn’t have a multi tool and needed to cut back flooring ????????‍♂️ can also say I’ll never do it again as it was the scariest thing I’ve ever tried to use ???????? “

Original post


“Like my quick-grip ????????” Thanks Jake!

Top Comment: “My life has actually been changed!”

Original post


Yeah I can do the plumbing… ???????? Thanks Adam!

Top Comment: “Isn’t one of the plumbers motto out of sight out of mind”

Original post


Sorted… ???????? Thanks Darren!

Top Comment: “Painters will fix it”

Original post


“Had a bloke spend a day on it to produce this gem for me. He didn’t know what my problem was ????” Thanks Josh!

Top Comment: “140 x 45 treated pine quad will cover it. She’ll be right.”

Original post


Creative ladder use! ???? Sent in by a few people. Must be doing the rounds.

Top Comment: “Used the heavy duty cable ties, all good.”

Original post


“She straight mate ????” Thanks Nicholas! ????

Top Comment: “So much in this picture is cooked ????”

Original post


“When the builder doesn’t supply scaffolding ????‍♂️” Thanks Nathan!

Top Comment: “Normal scaffold set up in our day.”

Original post


What…? ???????????? Thanks Joe!

Top Comment: “The amount of effort and patience the plasterer displayed here is commendable. Imagine how hard it was to get those edges so sharp ????”

Original post


Repost from @arthurleeinteriors

Top Comment: “When you’re in the middle of doing something and the apprentice comes up and says “uhhh I need you to come see something””

Original post


Quality! ????

Top Comment: “Amazing how you got it so level considering how you treat your level ????”

Original post


Hilux ✅ Flag ✅ Should be fine then… ???? Thanks Ken! ????????

Top Comment: “Leaving the yard coz you don’t want to drive the truck. Lol”

Original post

And here’s our most reacted to post for the month with over 4k reactions and 5k comments!

It was originally posted back in 2016, and three years later it’s still brought in the love.


Smoko done right. ???????? Thanks Mathew!

Top Comment: “No wonder houses take so long to build. Cooking a 3 course meal. ????”

Original post

Also worthy of a mention is this article we posted on the website which had over 8,000 views on our website! You can check out the article here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content during this time. You’re all legends!

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