Tradie Daily is rebranding!

We’re pleased to announce our rebranding to

We first launched as Tradie Mayhem® back in 2015.

In 2019 we changed our name to Tradie Daily, whilst maintaining the Tradie Mayhem name for our Facebook group.

When the opportunity arose to acquire the domain name we jumped at it! Shortly after we completed our rebranding.

We’ll keep the tradiemayhem handles for both accounts as a nod to our past, and the name that most people will always remember us by!

What else is changing?

Nothing really. Although we have a fancy new name there has been no change in ownership or direction.

The same person has owned and operated Tradie Mayhem / Tradie Daily / since day one.

I remember when we changed from Tradie Mayhem to Tradie Daily that the comments were full of people saying the page was going to change, or that it was going to be full of ads, and they were all going to unfollow us!

But nothing changed.

We would love to share some more helpful content, rather than just all the funny photos and videos, but that’s more of a long term strategy.

Thanks for following our page and we look forward to many more years as

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