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The Tradie Mayhem Facebook page was launched in May 2015.

Over the years we’ve rebranded a few times, to Tradie Daily and then to, but in 2024 we changed back to the original Tradie Mayhem.

Tradie Mayhem quickly grew over the years to become the largest trade related Facebook page in Australia.

A few years later we started the Tradie Mayhem Facebook group, which allowed people to share their own content directly rather than having to send it to us first.

The page grew rapidly to over 170k members, but also turned quite toxic and was banned by Facebook in 2020. We relaunched a new version of the page, with much better moderation, and the page has been a much greater success.

During that period we changed the name of the main page to Tradie Daily, whilst leaving the group as Tradie Mayhem.

The idea was that the Tradie Mayhem group could continue to allow people to share the mayhem, whilst the Tradie Daily page wouldn’t have to be restricted to “mayhem” type content.

There was some backlash to the name change, but pretty soon everyone realised that the world wasn’t ending and the new name was just fine.

In 2021 we found ourselves with an opportunity to acquire the domain name It was a perfect match for what we were trying to build, so we jumped at the chance to grab it.

We rebranded our website and changed the names of our Facebook and Instagram pages to use the name.

Back to Tradie Mayhem

At the beginning of 2024 we rebranded the Facebook page and website back to the original Tradie Mayhem.

As there have been a few imposter groups trying to use our name, we own the registered trademark for “Tradie Mayhem” and will protect the name from abuse.

That’s the story of the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page. There have been a few changes over the years, but it all started with Tradie Mayhem and that will remain a part of our DNA.

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