Hilux v Triton

Triton takes down the Hilux

by / 1 Comment / 5384 View / October 9, 2019

The Hilux was dominant for years until the Ranger gave it a run for its money, and now the fresh-faced Triton is muscling in!

Mitsubishi Triton
Mitsubishi Triton

According to the September 2019 VFACTS report for 4×4 vehicles, the Mitsubishi Triton outsold the Toyota Hilux by 2,755 units to 2,604.

The Ford Ranger was still at the head of the pack, but not by much, selling 2,822 units for the month.

Trade Risk Ford Ranger
The Trade Risk Ford Ranger

At the bottom end of the chart was the Mercedes X-Class, moving just 178 4×4 models for the month.

Showing its dominance, the Ranger almost sold more 4×4 models in September than the Holden Colorado (1,069), Isuzu D-MAX (903) and Nissan Navara (884) combined!

We’re certainly seeing a lot more Tritons on the road, and the updated look of the current model certainly seems to be winning over buyers.

For the year-to-date up to September it’s not quite so rosy for the Triton though, which has 16,576 sales compared to a whopping 27,508 for the Hilux and 27,814 for the Ranger.

Which one would you pick if you were buying a brand new 4×4 ute today?

Hilux v Triton

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  1. Ranger. I’ve owned an MQ Triton for 3 years.

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