About Us

With over 250,000 Facebook followers, we’d like to think Tradie Daily (previously known as Tradie Mayhem) is the largest online community of tradies in Australia.

We exist solely to give people a laugh.  We’re not about picking faults in work, embarrassing or making fun of people.  It just happens that “stuff ups” are what people generally like to laugh at most!

Who runs the page?

It’s not really important, but for the record, we are not tradies.  Which tradies actually have time to waste on something like this?  None of the good ones I bet!

We are related to a company which provides business services to tradies.  We’re not owned by them, but there is a connection…

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who we are.  We’re just trying to build the biggest and best community of tradies in Australia.


We’re pretty loose in terms of policies, but we do have a few:

  • If a company name appears in a photo depicting poor work or safety, we’ll generally obscure the name.  This is simply because we don’t want to deal with any nasty legal threats, and as mentioned previously, the page is about having a laugh rather than trying to embarrass or identify specific people.
  • We require that all photos and videos submitted are your own and/or that you have the rights to share that content.  We’re unable to verify all submissions before posting, so we rely on our contributors to do the right thing.
  • We’re happy to consider any requests to have photos or videos removed, but we need a good reason.  If you or your business isn’t identified in the content, and there’s no reasonable way someone could identify you by the content, it’s unlikely we’ll remove it.
  • We always credit work with a first name only.  If you don’t want to be credited, or want a different name credited, just let us know when submitting your content.
  • By submitting content, you are authorising us to use such content on our Facebook page, our website, our YouTube account and anywhere else we may choose.

Contacting us

Please refer to our contact page.

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