Compo for tradies dealing with bad clients

UPDATED: This was an April Fools day post!

All tradies will know the pain of dealing with annoying clients.

It could be the client who watches you complete the entire job, or the one who tells you he could do the job himself, but is just too busy right now…

Until now the only way to deal with such challenges was to enjoy a cold beer or two at the end of the day and hope that tomorrow would be better.

But today, everything changes…

Australia’s leading provider of insurance services to tradies, Trade Risk, have launched a new product.

Client Behaviour Insurance

Having dealt with thousands of trade and building clients over the last decade, Trade Risk have developed an understanding of what client behaviours cause grief for tradies.

They understand that tradies and builders deserve financial compensation for the mental health impacts of having to deal with certain client behaviours.

Client Behaviour Insurance (CBI) operates on a sliding scale, providing tradies with access to pay outs based on the following bahaviours:

100% pay out:

  • Watches you complete the entire job
  • As above, but also provides tips on completing the job (additional 10% loading)

85% pay out:

  • Asks you for a complete breakdown of the job, including all materials
  • As above, but says they will provide all materials in order to save money (additional 10% loading)
  • Attempts to renegotiate the price lower after the work has commenced

75% pay out:

  • Tells you they could have done the job themselves, but just didn’t have time
  • Compares your quote as a qualified tradesperson to one they received from Facebook Marketplace or similar

Additional client behaviours can be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may qualify for a pay out.

Stay tuned for more details on pricing once the product is rolled out.

For release: 1st April 2022.

One thought on “Compo for tradies dealing with bad clients

  • Work and or communication can’t be that good if this is happening all the time…

    5 years in business, and communication always fixed these issues.
    Who cares if they watch, it’s their money… if they pay you to come and fix something, so what if they get a show as well?

    People charging extra if the customer watches makes it look like you’re trying to hide something or you can’t be trusted.


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