Shipping Info

We’re not Amazon, so please don’t expect your order to be shipped same-day. Or even next-day…

This is a part-time side business, and that means orders can take up to a week before they are processed. During busy periods it can be more than a week.

Most people buying our stickers have no issue with this, but if you do, simply don’t place an order with us.

If you’ve already placed an order, but are unhappy with the handling time, we’re more than happy to refund your order provided that it hasn’t yet been posted. It’s no issue.

If you do wish to cancel, just reply to the original order email and let us know. We cannot refund orders once the ‘Order Posted’ email has been sent, as this means your stickers are already on their way.

‘Order Posted’ Email

Once we’ve posted your order you’ll receive an email that states ‘order posted’. This simply means that we’ve processed your order and it’s ready to go in the post.

Postage Times

Australia Post aren’t as quick as they used to be. In 2016 when they bumped up the cost of a stamp they also increased the time it takes for regular letters.

A regular letter (which is what we use) now has a delivery time frame of up to 6 business days. So yeah, it could take over a week even after we’ve sent your stickers.

I Didn’t Get My Stickers!

If there has genuinely been an issue with your order, we’ll receive a ‘return to sender’ via Australia Post. In this case we’ll contact you to confirm your address.

If you just haven’t received your order after a few days and are concerned, check the handing and delivery times above.

We’re always happy to re-send orders, but unless we’ve received a ‘return to sender’ we won’t send them until at least two weeks have passed since the ‘order posted’ email was sent.

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