Builder fires nail gun into own knob

Some poor Welsh bloke fired a 1.5 inch nail into his own crotch, reportedly going straight through his knob!

The bloke’s mate, Matthew, said “For want of a better phrase, the nail was pretty much through his dick”.

“He was very, very lucky. If it had been any closer the doctors said it would have gone straight through one of the main arteries.

“He came over to me and said he’d shot himself. It’s something that shouldn’t happen, and at first I couldn’t see anything.

“And then I saw it. I just went white. I said to him, ‘Jesus, what’s that?’ I couldn’t believe it.

“He wasn’t crying or screaming in pain or anything, he was just dead calm. It hadn’t fazed him at all.

“He said his leg was starting to go numb, but his demeanour just wasn’t changing.”

Apparently the injured builder wanted to pull it out, but Matthew advised him not to, fearing it would cause more damage.

So off they went to the emergency room, and following surgery he made a full recovery.

“When we got to A&E we were told to wait, but when we showed them where the nail was his was rushed straight to surgery. He had to go under the knife for them to get it out.

“I’ve never seen anything like that on the building site before. People couldn’t believe it. He wanted me to share the pictures of it on social media.

“It makes your eyes water. Even looking back I’m flinching. I’m very relieved it wasn’t me. I had a couple of dates coming up that weekend.”

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One thought on “Builder fires nail gun into own knob

  • Scott Broadbent

    What a load of crap! Yes a builder using a nail gun often wears $300 designer jeans, $75 underwear and a long sleeve thin top… This guy just can from a nightclub, or it’s fake. Show me anyone who dresses like that on a building site! Plus, who puts their knob up there! Should be pointing down where it belongs…


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