Circular saw injury

Circular saw injury

by / 4 Comments / 424 View / December 15, 2016

Half retired bloke across the road from my jobsite cutting in some malamine shelving caught himself inside a circular saw.  Throwing a permanent shakkas the poor bastard index, middle and ring finger gone”  Thanks Cal.

Warning – Graphic Image!

4 Comment

  1. Won’t be picking his nose with that hand for a while! Bloody mess!

  2. Ow…. That’s never gunna work the same. Imagine the arthritis in that later?????

  3. Actually he still has all his fingers and is healing quite well. Cal might have been better off checking on the bloke and finding out the truth 😂😂

  4. I used to work with a bloke who had lost 2 fingers to a circular saw incident.We called him ‘Clock’ because he had a big hand and a little hand! LOL

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