Horrific cutting disc injury

by / 6 Comments / 19755 View / March 3, 2017

This would have to be the worst grinder or cutting disc injury we’ve had sent in.

Thanks to Steven for the pic.  Unfortunately we don’t know any further details at this stage.

It sure shows how badly things can go wrong with cutting discs.


We sure hope the bloke pulls through okay, but it doesn’t look good.  If you know any more about this one, please let us know in the comments.

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6 Comment

  1. having no protective gear is stupid, i have used these for many years but were protective face guards

  2. I’m not sure a face guard would have helped. Maybe the blade was an inferior product and that’s why it broke

  3. It could be many things. The blade could have been operated outside of it’s recommended rpm range.,used on the wrong type of material,too much down pressure etc. Lets just hope this poor man survived.

  4. The man suffered a toothless saw accident
    [Toothless saw fracture cross section]
    User broke the news: four days ago,
    Dehui City Guo occurred with an accident,
    38-year-old man Xiao Liu in his own home
    The use of toothless saw work accidents,
    Sawless saws broken, saw blade fragments fly out
    Directly cut into the face of Xiao Liu, and embedded in the head
    Hanging a line of small Liu was sent to Dehui City Hospital
    After two days of rescue or failed to save lives.

  5. What the hell? I am a fabrication engineer. I have never witnessed such horrible accident in my career. did he survive? Doesn’t look so! Pitty.

  6. Holy crap!!!!!! 😭🤧🤧😉

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