Top 10 – May 2017

Here are our top 10 most liked photos and videos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during May 2017.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content!


“If anyone needs a tiler my mum is the woman for the job ” Thanks Charlene!

Top comment: She is clearly a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

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Those bollards should work a treat. Thanks Ray!

Top comment: “Yeah just grout em up boys”

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Thanks Tim!

Top comment: “It’s a hole saw on a little grinder.. Not dangerous at all. I know a bloke that put a circular saw blade a a 9″ grinder chopped 4 fingers off, throws the grinder at his brother and he lost a couple fingers too. Its on tv ABC outback emergency”

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Cash jobs pay…

Top comment: “Yeah he’ll avoid an audit for sure with that tag. Must be a bricky.”

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Coming together nicely… Thanks Anthony!

Top comment: “Come on every sliding door I’ve installed over my 40 odd years are reversible. It’s s put up job as usual. But the fact that the veranda stop there is laughable and unbelievable.”

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If the drawer still opens… Genius! Thanks Alastair!

Top comment: “There’s no way a plumber cut any of that out its way too neat”

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Tradies Insurance


“DIY wall chaser” Thanks Scott!

Top comment: “If they’re all balanced and centred this would actually be grouse”

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“I think we should appreciate the good jobs. 8m hip”. ???? Thanks Hossein! Why not finish the week on a positive. Enjoy the weekend all.

Top comment: “Nothing wrong with appreciating your own work. Hips nice and straight, like it should be yeah, but so many are not. Worst thing about this post is all the morons in the comments that don’t know the difference between jacks, creepers, girders or trusses and still think they’re carpentry gods

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“Apprentice’s trailer after driving off gutter.” Thanks anon!

Top comment: “Shit trailer! I’d almost bet that the drawbar had gussets welded between the frame and drawbar. Heaps of manufacturers do it and it should be illegal. All it does is create a weak point!”

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“5 inch grinder with a 9 inch masonry disk and a paint bucket lid as a guard” Thanks Rory!

Top comment: “What a dickhead, who uses a guard?”

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Another class month of Tradie Mayhem. Thanks to everyone who submitted content!

Also worthy of mention is the video below. It didn’t make the top 10 photos, but it received a tonne of reactions and comments.

Click the video to view:

If you have any funny photos or videos please send them in via the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page.

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