Tradie wins $50m and walks off the job

Most tradies checking their phones on the worksite are just having a cheeky bludge.

But a lucky Sydney tradie had a slightly different experience…

Checking the lotto numbers on his mobile whilst at work, he realised that he’d matched all of the numbers from last night’s Oz Lotto!

He did what most of us would do, and walked straight off the job and into retirement. He didn’t even tell his boss!

Cash money

First though he called his daughter to get a second opinion:

“I still wasn’t sure I’d won, so I called my daughter and asked her to check the numbers and she said to me ‘oh my god dad, I think you’ve won!’”

“As soon as she said that I just walked out from work. I didn’t say anything. I was just thinking ‘oh my god’.”

“I just can’t believe this. I need to go home, have a sit down and just calm down.”

The lucky tradesman will now be living the life the rest of us can only dream of, telling NSW Lotteries what he’d be doing next:

“I am definitely not going to work. I want to buy a house by the beach and spend all my days fishing and golfing.”

He won’t be forgetting his mates and family either:

“But money is not everything to me. My friends and family mean more to me than money, so I want to use it wisely and I want to share it with them.”

Sounds like a deserving winner.

This follows the recent $5m Keno win from other lucky tradie, who also instantly dropped the tools.

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