Top 10 – January to March 2018

Normally we do a ‘Top 10’ gallery each month, but we’ve been a little slack so far in 2018.

To make up for it, here our top 10 for the first quarter, covering January to March.

Thanks so much to everyone who submits great content to our Tradie Mayhem Facebook page each month!


“When the boss says you can knock off once the stairs have been poured” Thanks anon!

Top comment: “All good they’re getting tiled.”

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“When your apprentice should be finding you a level” Thanks Dan!

Top comment: “This is why apprentices should be paid more.”

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Sparkies… Thanks Neil!

Top comment: “I’ve been told by a reliable source that they sit down to go to the toilet”

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At least it’s obvious at what point they started drinking… Thanks Mike!

Top comment: “Knowing brickies they started drinking in the morning and ran out in the afternoon

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“Just fix it to the pavers, she will be right” Thanks David!

Top comment: “All you need is a Ute and a wheelbarrow then your a LANDSCAPER”

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Tradies Insurance


“Getting it done. Thanks John!”

Top comment: “To be fair, the GQ is probably sturdier than most scaff.”

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“How to build a deck: Step 1 Build a stud frame wall. Step 2 Drop it on the ground Step 3 Fix stumps to noggins. Step 4 Just add decking” Thanks Ben!

Top comment: “Fuk better homes and gardens! I hear it every other year how a wife expects a pencil pushing hubby to build a fort with his $200 izito pack!”

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Tag the welder who knocked this up… Thanks Tony!

Top comment: “Its been welded by an electrician.”

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“Concreter at work telling everyone to stay away !!” Thanks Nick!

Top comment: “Good to know Grounds keeper willie is keeping in work”

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Straight as… Thanks Wazza!

Top comment: “Sad that this will be someones home they paid thru their teeth for”

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Thanks to all the legends who sent in their content recently! To submit yours please message us via our Facebook page.

Top 10 January to March 2018

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