Top 10 – November 2017

Here are our top 10 most liked photos and videos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during November 2017.

Thanks to everyone who submitted content!


Loading up at Bunnings… Thanks Ock!

The photo was followed by this video!

Top comment: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…”

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“A very practical kitchen, should sell this apartment quite easy ” Thanks Lloyd!

Top comment: “How does this crap even get passed a drawing stage …….. without someone saying “are you on fukin drugs mate ??””

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Save time in the morning – combine your shower & shit! Thanks Jackson!

Top comment: “I don’t know why everyone thinks this is so funny, this is what dreams are made of, I couldn’t think of a more perfect experience”

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Thanks Kyle!

Top comment: “Take the blade off that’s hitting the wall. The three remaining blades will still move air. Job done.”

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“Just patch the rest…” Thanks Jacob!

Top comment: “If your any sort of half decent tradesman you’ll think of the next trade after you to make their job as easy as possible!! Only wankers think of themselves!!”

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“I asked my friend to weld a cage for my trailer” Thanks Michael!

Top comment: “At least the ladder won’t fall off the trailer

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“Can someone in the know please explain why I have at least 2 inches of soft sand/dirt under my bathroom tiles? The house is 8 years old.” Thanks Tamara!

Top comment: “Definitely a Milo stash”

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Straight as… Thanks Dylan!

Top comment: “Looks like the ball tracker off a genuine Josh Hazelwood in swinger”

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Tradies Insurance


Thanks Tim!

Top comment: “That’s a Mother in Law door”

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Thanks Glenn!

Top comment: “Yeah who knows if that noose is tied off at a load rated restraining point”

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Thanks to all the legends who sent in their content recently! To submit yours please message us via our Facebook page.

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