Tradie Mayhem is now Tradie Daily

We’ve been thinking about moving away from the “Tradie Mayhem” name for a few months now.

We love the name and so do our followers, but we always felt it restricted us a little in terms of the types of content we could share.

Tradie Daily doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like the old name, but after considering a heap of available options, it was the best we could come up with.

What else is changing?

Nothing at this stage. We had a few comments on the Facebook page after the name change saying we had gone soft, and that the page would now be full of ads, but that’s not the case.

Nothing really changes besides the name. We might start posting some content that doesn’t quite fit the “mayhem” category, but it will always be relevant to the trades and hopefully entertaining and/or interesting.

We still have the Tradie Mayhem group that people can share their own content to. This will be moderated a little more firmly though, as it’s filling up with a lot of crap lately.

We also have the Tradie Boss page for trade business owners. This is a great little page for the more serious business-related chat.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support the page!

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