Top 10 – Jan to Feb 2019

Here’s our first Top Ten for 2019.

The most liked, commented on and shared photos from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page for January and February 2019.


Friday arvo job… ???????? Thanks Jayden!

Top Comment: “Blokes on the gatorade saxophone at smoko were they. ????????

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Don’t drink & deck this weekend. A public service message from Tradie Mayhem. ???????? Thanks Aaron!

Top Comment: “I like they had a line for the screws for the bottom 2 boards, then thought “fuck it” for the all the others “

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“If at first you don’t succeed……” ???????? Thanks Shane!

Top comment: “Bet his missus gets nervous when doggy style is on.”

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???????????? Thanks James!

Top Comment: “Those crowns are really tippy if you turn too fast”

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“Told them to pack it out to suit and this is what the chippy came up with” ???????? Thanks Benny!

This one was originally posted back in December 2016, but it still gets a laugh!

Top Comment: “My apprentice would still struggle to find a stud in that wall to fix a cabinet to.”

Worthy Mention: “Can you put a light switch here please “

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Is there anything zip ties can’t do? ???????? Thanks John!

Top Comment: “Opel towers. Sydney Olympic park. Bahahaha”

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Okay which tradie used a nail box to join the main power to my garage! I wondered why the power was tripping, he used two extension cords and joined them half way down my drive way….” ????????⚡️Thanks Andy!

Top Comment: “If you hadn’t taken the lid off there’d be no issues.”

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“Typical sparky’s rocking up to buy a few supplies.. ????” Thanks Ashley!

Top comment: “good to see a 4th year EBA apprentice going to bunnings”

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Well played! ???????? Thanks Rakatau!

Top Comment: “No plans or drawings needed? Probably responsible for most of the work on this page”

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Our most liked/commented/shared photo for the two months was our own little creation. It picked up 2.8k reactions, 4.7k comments and 500 shares!

Top Comment: “you need this cause I really hope you get better real soon ???????????????? “

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Thanks to all of the legends who submitted content during January and February!

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