Top 20 of 2018

2018 was another massive year for Tradie Mayhem.

We didn’t quite crack quarter-of-a-million followers, but we’re only a few thousand off.

Below we’ve put together the top 20 most ‘liked’ photos of the year. There were so many good ones, but these really are the cream of the crop.

Some more stats before we get to the photos… For the year our content received 320,115 comments, 190,538 reactions and 22,045 shares. Bloody huge!

And here are the best of the best, counting down from 20 to 1…


“Just having a go ????????” Thanks Beau!

Top Comment: “At least they’ve used a hole saw AND it’s the right size. Usually it’s a fucking great square hole looks like it’s been done with a machete that the backing plate won’t cover.”

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“She’ll be right mate ????” Thanks Samuel!

Top Comment: “Thats what happens when tv and radio adds tell people who have been labouring for 5 years to get the skills assessed and given a carpentry contractors license”

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Enjoy the break! ????

Top Comment: “And he’s probably still fkn complaining about something “

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Team work makes the dream work. ???? Thanks Chris!

Top Comment: “Why anyone hires tradies in 2018 is beyond me. Saved myself a small fortune doing my own gas thanks to bunnings and youtube”

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“2 million buys you a deck held up in buckets” ???????? Thanks Jason!

Top Comment: “They will have cut the bottom out of the buckets to build the concrete up to the same level as the rest, usually the bucket will get cut off later, post holes will still be 600mm deep or something “

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“Just fix it to the pavers, she will be right” ???? Thanks David!

Top Comment: “All you need is a Ute and a wheelbarrow then your a LANDSCAPER

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Tradies Insurance


Getting it done. ???????? Thanks John!

Top Comment: “To be fair, the GQ is probably sturdier than most scaff.”

Worthy Mention: “I would of mabye put the Hazzard lights on,just to make it safe.????”

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So true… ???? Thanks Bow!

Top Comment: “So fkn true! Include architects as well. ????”

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“How to build a deck: Step 1 Build a stud frame wall. Step 2 Drop it on the ground Step 3 Fix stumps to noggins. Step 4 Just add decking” ???? Thanks Ben!

Top Comment: “Fuk better homes and gardens!
I hear it every other year how a wife expects a pencil pushing hubby to build a fort with his $200 izito pack!”

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Can’t go wrong with safety thongs! ???????? Thanks Jake!

Top Comment: “Had an apprentice once I saw him using the grinder with no safety glasses and he said don’t worry I’ve got my eyes closed ???? “

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“Close enough. Painter will fix it” ???????????? Thanks Trent!

Top Comment: “As a licensed Painter, I’m personally sick to death of shithouse so called carpenters who leave this sort of finish all the time an assume the Painter will fix it…. No shithouse carpenters, the Painters are sick of fixing your shit!”

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“Concreter at work telling everyone to stay away !!” ???????? Thanks Nick!

Top Comment: “Good to know Grounds keeper willie is keeping in work”

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Too funny! Thanks George!

Top comment: “This work Looks better than some licensed chippies that are out there and have been featured on this page”

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Straight as… ???? Thanks Wazza!

Top Comment: “Sad that this will be someones home they paid thru their teeth for”

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“Sparkies drop sheet” ???????? Thanks John!

Top Comment: “Bullshit they don’t use them at all lol”

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“So who is missing their tape measure? ????????Thanks Sam!”

Top Comment: “Watched an engineer lose his hard hat, sunglasses and car rear vision mirror while we were pouring a two story stair support for a new high school. Hard hat fell forward and knocked the mirror out of his hand he was using to reflect light to the bottom of the form and he knocked his glasses off trying to save them.”

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This photo was originally posted in 2017, but a re-post in 2018 still saw it crack the top 5…

“Bath ???? frame nailed to ceiling above were it was meant to go. Dumb c-nts thought it was a bulkhead” ???????? Thanks Michael!

Top Comment: “Yes it’s stupid, would be a prefab house and would be on the layout (not the floor plans) drawn as a bulk head. Should be done at lock up stage anyways not frame stage. Would be some first years that their lazy boss doesn’t check over. “

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“This was a qualified plumber who runs his own business ???? His comments to me were “I couldn’t be fucked doing a floor chase”” ???????? Thanks anon!

Top comment: “Luckily they used structural gyprock hey

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“The more you look, the more impressive it gets. ???? Thanks Bailey!”

Top Comment: “Just needs some barrels, a princess and an Italian plumber”

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Our most liked photo of the year was a cracker, yet again having a go at the humble sparky!

This photo alone generated over 5k likes and 10k comments.

“???????????? Thanks Tony!”

Top Comment: “Plumbers go home smelling like shit sparkys go home smelling like moneyyyy”

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Thanks to all of the legends who submitted content during 2018.

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