Top 10 – March 2019

March 2019 was a pretty quiet month for the page.

We have a few highlights, but many of our most-liked posts for the month were actually recycled posts from previous years…

So you might see a few familiar photos in there, but they’re still good for a laugh!


“Box Hill Bunnings. About to drive off until the staff made him unload” ???????? Thanks Paul!

bunnings car trailer

Top comment: “Love to see the finished product of what ever he was going to build!”

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Come on, own up! ???????????? Thanks Matt!

cashies matt

Top comment: “If that isn’t a toe stubber I don’t know what is”

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Best use of a Hills Hoist ever! ???????????? Thanks Matthew!

hills hoist matthew

Top comment: “Fuck next we will see a hills joist.”

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Classic sparky… ????????

Top comment: “Typical sparky, straight through a load bearing coffee cup.”

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[products limit=”4″ columns=”3″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC” ids=”1797,809,215,87″]


Maybe it looked better on paper… ????

house design

Top comment: “How does ones house get this far without someone saying 

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We don’t know what’s real and what’s a setup anymore… ???????? Thanks Mitch!

house post mitch

Top comment: “Painter will fix it”

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“This was a qualified plumber who runs his own business ???? His comments to me were “I couldn’t be fucked doing a floor chase”” ???????? Thanks anon!

plumbing through frame

Top comment: “As long as he uses structural pvc pipe it’s fine.”

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Home handyman skillz… ???????? Thanks Mark!

tv fall off wall

Top comment: “Mark the stud didn’t mark the stud”

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Lucky these boys were wearing harnesses! Probably still pretty bruised and battered… ???? 

Top comment: “Any excuse for an early Friday knockoff “

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Old but still good! ???????? Thanks Marc!

priority seat for tradies and builders

Top comment: “As an office worker, I approve of this message.”

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Thanks to all the legends who submitted content during March!

Tradie Mayhem Top 10 March 2019

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