Top 15 – July 2018

So we didn’t do a top 10 for June, because we just didn’t think the content was good enough.

July was a different story though! Plenty of quality content that received a tonne of love on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s the countdown of the most ‘liked’ photos and videos for the month…


Yeah just stop at the sign… Thanks Steve!

Top comment: “Old mate on the mini not even concerned”

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Safe as… Thanks Jake!

Top comment: “The rcd should kick in if there’s any problem, don’t even worry about it mate. Back to work”

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Skylight installations. Cash only. Thanks Mark!

Top comment: “That’s not really funny anymore. Everybody for itself ! I guess it’s what you have to expect when “specialists” replace real tradesmans.”

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Who said a brickie needs a ute? Thanks Sam!

Top comment: “Probably not a brickie.. jus some bastard knocking it off?!!?”

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Tag a plumber who loves a cashie! ???????? Thanks Zach!

Top comment: “It’ll work, the bricklayer on the other hand needs to look at doing something else for a living!!”

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Who’s been doing concreting cashies again? Thanks Samuel!

Top comment: “looks like the I spend 800k on a new build and then do my own landscaping kinda guy haha. Like that nice bloke in scofields that was laying his own turf.”

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That’ll work… Thanks Josh!

Top comment: “Plot twist… L/H door is a pull out on drawer runners!”

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“It’s the new multi pivot Navara” Thanks Byron!

Top comment: “What’s the point of tub trays & no roof racks on all the pretenders twin cab utes. If you don’t have racks you can’t carry lengths or ladders. So many people driving these cars for show & not for work”

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“Know anyone who needs this? Thanks Fady!”

Top comment: “I would shoot the boss in the knee”

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Tradies Insurance


“Surfing the trusses….. seems safe…” Thanks Todd!

Top comment: “got common sense. he knows that if he steps off he will hit the ground. lots of people lack it these days so would step off to find out if they would hit the ground”

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Thanks Jasonn

Top comment: “Safety sunnies make for good spoons too”

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What’s worse – the flashing or the brickwork? Thanks Harry!

Top comment: “Vent is too close to the tv antenna, as3500 14:5 any antenna installed closer than 4 mts to a vent pipe will create shit reception”

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“It ain’t a job site till there is a cock n balls drawn”. Thanks Daniel!

Top comment: “All fun and games till the client changes their mind about rendering it and wants to stay with the rough look Haha”

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“She’ll be right mate ” Thanks Samuel!

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Top comment: “Thats what happens when tv and radio adds tell people who have been labouring for 5 years to get the skills assessed and given a carpentry contractors license”

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Team work makes the dream work. Thanks Chris!

Top comment: “Why anyone hires tradies in 2018 is beyond me. Saved myself a small fortune doing my own gas thanks to bunnings and youtube”

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Thanks to all the legends who sent in their content recently! To submit yours please message us via our Facebook page.


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