Top 10 – March 2017

We call this our top 10, but there are just so many great photos and videos we’ve extended it to the top 15!

These are the most liked posts from the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page during March 2017.

Big thanks to Trade Risk for providing the cash prizes for the most liked photo and video!


Happy International Women’s Day! ???? Thanks Rhys!

Top comment: “Safety is fine. If he does lose balance the stairs will break his fall before he hits the bottom entry way.”

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Sparky headrest. Thanks Greg!

Top comment: “He’ll spend the whole day in that position before trying to leave early.”

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How sparkies deal with traffic. Thanks Peter!

Top comment: “They deal with traffic by rocking up at 10 and leaving at 1:30 after having a lunch break”

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Master craftsman. ???? Thanks Luke!

Top comment: “Caulk and paint will make a carpenter what he ain’t”

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Thanks Kade!

Top comment: “It’s worse when it’s not a finger that pops through.”

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Plumbers… Thanks Emre!

Top comment: “OB sitting on top of truss, can’t go much lower than that, besides underneath trusses. Architects and builders draw up these unrealistic layouts bathrooms so far from stack (sewer riser )without considering a drains fall or dimensions, expecting plumber to perform miracles. Plumber rings up builder “can’t possible get the grade to a point with this truss and layout. Builder responds “just sit it hard under truss we’ll drop the ceiling in that section. Volume builders

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Who’s level is this? Thanks Aaron!

Top comment: “Just send the apprentice down to the shop for some spirit level fluid to top it back up.”

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Chippie porn. Thanks Matt!

Top comment: “Chippie porn is more like some middle aged slag hanging about the tui pub in a cocktail dress that fit her a decade ago, looking for some fat slob of a tradesman to call her fourth husband just so she can suck him off in the handicapped bathrooms for a round of free drinks. That’s chippie porn”

Original post.


“Had a new guy glue a room for LVT and came back in a half hour and seen him like this” Thanks Kyle!

Top comment: I always found satisfaction in teaching any apprentices working with me how to do their jobs correctly, not go out of my way to make them look stupid.

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Tradies Insurance


Thanks ‚ÄéMackenzie!”

Top comment: “Could be the makings of our next Tradie Mayhem sticker…”

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This is just crazy. I mean, who the fuck drinks Fosters any more? Thanks Alex!

Top comment: “Had a mate get a call from his tradie one day explaining how one of the gys hit a nail in the nogging in the wall with a drill…the nogging spun putting a a nasty gash in both sides of the wall. Then they had to rip the roof tiles off to lift the guy with a broken arm out of the ceiling to roof space”

Original post.


Quality placement. Thanks Bevan!

Top comment: “Did the chicken come first or the egg”

Original post.




Old mate next door is a sparky. He does cashies on Saturdays. Mornings only. Here’s this year’s haul so far…

Top comment: “Its strange that $$$ ALL look life fresh notes…What does he install lights in hydroponic systems?”

Original post.


“Bath ???? frame nailed to ceiling above were it was meant to go. Dumb c-nts thought it was a bulkhead” ???????? Thanks Michael!

Top comment: “Doesn’t everyone bathe upside down these days?? Clearly us peasants can’t afford his chippy-wage anti-gravity generator :-/

Original post.


“When invoices don’t get paid” Extreme, but many would argue it’s justified… Thoughts? Thanks Robbie!

Top comment: “What pisses me off as a tradesman is this. You go to a mechanic, jobs done paid that day. Go to a shop to buy a shirt, paid that day. Go to a movie, paid that day. Then there is tradies… paid weeks later when people dont answer phone calls or go MIA. We may look like we live a high life but thats not true. There are alot of struggling tradies with families. We all dont have 100k plus just in a bank account. We dont all own boats. We dont all go on luxury holidays. So pay up and dont be assholes to the people who come make your home a improvement or build your home.”

Original post.

Too graphic for Facebook!

Each month we get plenty of injury photos sent in, but after three Facebook bans we can’t post the injuries on there any more.

Here’s are the ones we posted “off site” during March. These are the censored versions. Follow the links to see the originals…

Log splitter finger loss

Shin through the foot

Horrific cutting disc injury

Grinding blade to the neck

Have a funny photo or video to submit? Send it via the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page.

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