Top 15 – February 2017

Here are our most liked photos and videos from February 2017.

The list is based on the number of likes, counting down to our best of the month!

Tradie Mayhem Top 15 - February 2017


“Plasterers just put this in. Safety first lads Thanks Cal!

Top comment: “And I bet he couldn’t figure out why his drill was running backwards

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This set of lost tools were found on a site today. If you know the owner tag them so we can return their gear.

Top comment: “And everyone’s on here tagging c***s to take the piss, I’m searching for the purchase details

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Thanks Michael!

Top comment: “Fuck ya all bricklayers..on the job today 30 mm variations…fuck i hate you c***s”

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Top comment: “I heard good things about my real ladder though, that he supported 3 people at once”

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Thanks Mark!

Top comment: “I’ve seen this done. Just a bit of sikaflex needed. The exciting part comes when the drain blocks up and the plumber puts his machine down to clean it”

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Thanks Lee!


Top comment: “Nevermind that, WTF is going on with the lintel beams in the background…”

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“Was called out to this job to fix all the fuck ups. Saw something looked odd about this cleat and noticed the bolts from the other side were fairly loose. Closer inspection I found that the bolts were cut in the middle, drilled and glued in either side. Good way to support a quad beam supporting all upstairs” Thanks Michael!

Top comment: “I like the roman concept where bridge designers had to stand under their bridge while the scaffold was removed. Similar concept should apply to all trades.”

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Beams aren’t generally load bearing right? Thanks Lachlan!

Top comment: “Not really that bad, might get a bit of local stress where it’s been cut jagged, but the section modulus hasn’t changed too much in this case.
Depends if the engineer has thrown some moment into the columns with some kind of portal action or something.”

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Thanks Bill!

Top comment: It’s only gonna get covered in piss anyway so what’s the issue?

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Tradies Insurance


“My old boy was a builder and left me this chisel. Over 30 years old. Just sharpened it. Should i retire it for old times sake or put it back in the tool box for tomorrow ??” Thanks Jason!

Top comment: “I’ve got a wooden handled chisel that’s been in my family for 5 generations. Over 120 years. In that time it’s only had 5 new handles and three new blades.”

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Straight as. Thanks Keegan!

Top comment: “I can’t believe my eyes, this is the worst thing I’ve seen, I mean, who wears a FILA jumper onsite?”

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Doesn’t look that bad mate… Thanks Adam!

Top comment: “Forward thinking great place to rest a beer or your morning”

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Creative ladder use! Sent in by a few people. Must be doing the rounds.

Top comment: “i actually have no problem with that set up. ladder angle might be a little steep but provided enough cable ties were used to secure the step ladder, im sure it’s safe enough. like to see the face on an HSE guy walking in though”

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It’s funny because it’s true…

We sell these stickers, but this was genuinely the second most liked photo for the month!

You can still order these stickers here.

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“Walked onto site to see my carpenter has braced the lintel to itself…good thanks.” Thanks Glen!

Top comment: “That’s what happens when you hand out trophies to kids for participating..”

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Too graphic for Facebook!

Each month we get plenty of injury photos sent in, but after three Facebook bans we can’t post the injuries on there any more.

Here’s are the ones we posted “off site” recently. These are the censored versions. Follow the links to see the originals…

Horrific cutting disc injury

Grinding blade to the neck

Hand crushed in a 40 tonne press

Severed finger injury – video and pics

Builder fires nail gun into own knob

Have a funny photo or video to submit? Send it via the Tradie Mayhem Facebook page.

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